Do you wake up each morning in a body you don't truly feel connected to?

How does it feel when you get up?

How does it feel when you walk during your day?

Do you ever experience limitation - where your mind wants to go somewhere your body can't?

There is a deeper experience your body is waiting to give you... beyond your current limits.

An experience that could improve every facet of your life.

And that's what the Movement Monk Mentorships are all about.

You only have one body... wouldn't it be great if it supported you to live to your highest potential?

Here's the scoop on this years Body+Mind Freedom Mentorship

(one action packed event of excellence):

  • What You'll Get

    You'll get the knowledge and practices to re-balance your body, with all the strength, flexibility and awareness you need to move with freedom in your life ... No matter what you want to do.

  • Who's the Mentorship NOT For?

    If you're not willing to put in the work, or... If you're looking for a quick and easy fix, a certification as a form of personal validation, or to re-package the teachings for commercial benefit... You will not be accepted.

  • Requirements of Participants

    You don't need to be an athlete or have any experience. All that is required is commitment towards your self and the teachings, a positive attitude and the ability to work well with others.

  • Who Will Benefit?

    The mentorship program is for anyone committed to living their highest potential and will greatly benefit Health Professionals, Personal Trainers, Martial Artists, Cross-Fitters, Yogi's and really anyone with a body.

  • How You’ll Learn

    The Mentorship is delivered via a 3 day in person practical workshop in sunny Queensland, + follow up online coaching, + access to online resources and groups - to help you not just learn, but actually put the teachings to use.

  • How To Get Started

    To apply for your spot in the upcoming September 2015 Mentorship: 1. Click the next step button on this page. 2. Send your details in the form provided. 3. Successful applicants will be contacted for a phone / Skype interview before acceptance.

Looking to overcome physical injuries and joint pain

Looking to take the confusion and guess work out of your health and fitness, to know what simply works

Looking to build a robust foundation of mind-body awareness, physical strength and flexibility - that supports you through each moment in life

Looking to supercharge your body for sports, hobbies, Crossfit, Yoga, martial arts, or just living more adventurously (physical freedom never goes out of style ;)

The story behind the Mentorship

Aloha, my name’s Benny Fergusson, a.k.a the Movement Monk, and I teach good humans to be even better humans (among other things).

After overcoming a debilitating spinal injury... I realised the common way to training the body with, heavy weights, endless cardio, and too much intensity - does't really develop your body in a way that creates a sense of freedom, and is supportive for life outside of 'fitness training.'

[This is what my spine looked like]

Scroll down... to learn more about the approach I've developed, to help health professionals, business leaders, martial artists, yogi's and more say, 'I CAN,' in the face of physical limitation.

Ready to transform your body (inside and out)? Let's begin.

This is an exclusive mentorship only accepting 10 people. There's only 3 places left, so apply today for your interview to see if you're a good fit for the Mentorship.

Create Your Own Body+Mind Freedom Practice

Questions about the Movement Monk Mentorship? Send an email to, and you'll get great advice.

Personal_Trainer_TestimonialFrom Benny's teachings I've been able to achieve so many different movements I never thought possible, like the muscle-up and handstand. Without his endless support and superb teaching approach, none of this would've been achievable.

Benny's opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities, and to look beyond just lifting weights. Benny not only has the ability to get you moving better and feeling stronger, he has also helped me mentally and gives you insightful knowledge. I'm so privileged to have not only an incredible mentor but also a great friend.

Stephen Kuang | Personal Trainer

Build a more well-rounded approach to your health + fitness

You know you need to take care of your body, or eventually someone else will have to do it for you.

But how do you go about it?

  • Do you go to a Yoga class,
  • Lace up your shoes and run,
  • Hit the weights, or do Crossfit,
  • Get a gym membership... and actually go!

There's a lot of health and fitness options out there, but I've found there's something missing with most of them...

... Think about it.

You might become a bit fitter, or learn some exercises, but will a few workouts a week really give you what your body needs;

  • To be filled with energy,
  • To move and adapt with ease, in the long-term picture of your life?
In 10 years from now, will you be doing the same old stretch (or worse), or are you ready to transform the way you move?

Move beyond physical pain and frustration to physical empowerment

What do you do when you get a 'red' area in your body?

What happens if your body gets injured?

A common approach is to get a trainer, or see a physical therapist, and this can be a helpful short-term solution.

But, still there's something missing. 

You experience, what I call 'the empowerment gap' - where you're not in control of your body. Someone else is.

What happens when they're not there?

Is the answer to keep paying someone to take care of your body, for the rest of your life...? How much would that actually cost? 

The answer to taking care of your body in the long term isn't in a magic exercise, or someone always holding your hand...

It's within you.

And you should be empowered with the tools to take care of your body every moment in your daily life.

Accelerate your health + fitness progress, without all the mistakes ...

I've learned after many years of research and teaching students all over the world... that to truly allow your individual body to thrive (not just survive), you need to understand how to re-balance it on the outside and the inside.

To make the little things easier, like:

  • Walking,
  • Running,
  • Sleeping,
  • Standing,
  • Sitting,
  • Playing with your friends, pets and family, 

And open up doorways for bigger things, like:

  • Handstands, 
  • Being resilient to injury,
  • Climbing,
  • Being flexible and strong from head to toe,
  • Moving dynamically, with a sense of flow. 

There's a well of potential inside of you, that's not as hard to access as you may think.

You don't have to go through years of making mistakes, like I did. You can accelerate your progress.

There was a time when I couldn't have imagined this being possible...

Take a step that could truly change your life.

Imagine the feeling of waking in a body that feels free and open. One click below can help you get there ...

Note: This is a small and exclusive event (open to only 10 people - only 3 spots left) that won't be run until next year.

If you have questions - email

Apply For The September Mentorship Here
  • Alex Powerlett // Martial Artist
    Benny! I feel the throes of change within me!!! But seriously since practicing your teachings I can feel the hemispheres of my body and mind coming into a connected balance. Right and left sides. Hands and feet. Inside and outside. It's all coming together. Thank you!
    Alex Powerlett // Martial Artist
What are the next steps and how much does it cost?
$1,100 (up front) + (4 payments of) $440

3 day intensive workshop with Benny Fergusson in Qld, Australia (17th - 19th Sep).

Ongoing online coaching, for 3 months after the Mentorship.

Your very own online learning portal, packed with resources, to support your practice.

The course will be 100% focused on you getting everything you need. We'll be working very closely together to ensure you get 10x what you pay in value.

  • Pam Hall // Entrepreneur
    Benny Fergusson is a movement specialist! Not only for the human body but also for the mind and spirit. His approach to helping others working WITH all these integral elements means he can facilitate and empower others to achieve results most often far surpassing what clients would ever have imagined possible. His ability to gently recondition, realign and strengthen is the most effective way I’ve experienced to create long term results as every area of life and the human psyche is taken into account. Thus creating a lifestyle shift! Benny's heart, unparalleled expertise and positive attitude makes him a virtuoso in his field.
    Pam Hall // Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the Mentorship take place?

Dates: 17th - 19th Sep 2015.
Location: Near Currumbin, Queensland, Australia.
Flights: Fly into Gold Coast airport in Coolangatta. Airport code is OOL.
Accommodation: It is recommend everyone stays at the Rocks Resort, to make logistics flow smoothly. Here's the details for the Rocks Resort -

What are the general topics we'll be covering?

Topics will be adapted to the needs of the group however the program will answer some of these big questions...
  • How to strengthen your body in a balanced way that doesn't lead to excessive tension (hint - most programs I've studied can do more harm than good for you).
  • How to develop a movement practice based on moving on the ground (crawling, running, jumping, inverting, etc) and moving through the air (climbing techniques with various mediums, gymnastic rings, etc).
  • The foundation of strength, suppleness, stamina, stillness and skills (the 5 S's - there's a few more too) I build with people that makes all movement practice easier.
  • My simple 4 step process to developing controlled and aligned Handstands.
  • Techniques I've learned from studying lost arts from Shaolin and Taoist Monks.
  • Techniques to open the energy channels of your body for better functioning.
  • My approach to create Embodied Flexibility, that builds elastic strength, not just relaxed range.
  • Breathing exercises to apply to amplify your energy levels and physical recovery.
  • How to adapt all these things to YOUR body and YOUR life.
  • And so much more...

Why does the Mentorship go for 3 months?

I've been to enough 2 day fitness certification courses to know they don't provide long term value. You can't learn how to take care of your body in a weekend. It takes consistent practice and support over time, rather than making your head explode with knowledge, then sending you on your way, the Mentorship aims to teach you over the long term. This will help you actually make the transformation in your body happen, instead of always imagining it.

I've still got more questions before I apply, how can I get them answered?

Easy, simply send an email to and we'll help you get those questions answered, and see if you're a good match for the program. But don't wait too long as we'll be closing applications soon.

You've made it to the bottom of the page. You must be ready to change that stuck feeling in your body.

Questions? Email, and we'll help you out.

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