• Alex Powerlett | Martial Artist + Acupuncturist
    Benny! I feel the throes of change within me!!! But seriously since practicing your teachings. I can feel the hemispheres of my body and mind coming into a connected balance. Right and left sides. Hands and feet. Body and mind. It's all coming together. Thank you!
    Alex Powerlett | Martial Artist + Acupuncturist

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Have you ever seen an in-flexible Shaolin Monk? 

shaolin-flexibility-trainingIt's not by co-incidence.

The Shaolin have some of the most effective ways of developing deep range of motion across the whole body.

You can scour YouTube all you want to learn their methods, but it's almost impossible to find how they do it and to adapt it to your unique body.


It's because the power of their methods is not actually about what you see on the outside. It's about how their moving their joints + muscles + fascia deep inside the body.

After many years of research and practice into the Shaolin ways I developed the Embodied Flexibility program.

  • To simply and effectively; teach you these empowering ways of improving your full body range of motion.
  • So you can move fluidly in the activities you love, without the stiffness and restrictions.

There’s so much I’d love to tell you about it, but this video will teach you the basics:

If the video doesn't load straight away - click play, then pause and have a read below for a moment, while the goodness gets ready for you.

Get back the feeling of youth with better mobility, in as little as the next 30 days

  • Quickly assess + correct your mobility sticking points

  • Live with less tightness and discomfort in daily life

  • Enhance your range of motion for better performance in any activity

  • Dramatically improve your hip mobility, strength and endurance for martial arts and Yoga

When you enrol into Embodied Flexibility you’ll get instant access to 3+ hours of easy to follow of video, plus clear worksheets and checklists to guide you step-by-step toward new levels of flexibility, strength + flow.

Have a question about Embodied Flexibility? Click here, send us a message and we'll help you out.

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The 5 Practice Elements to Move Like a Shaolin Monk 

I sifted through the mysticism of Shaolin training and discovered these important foundations to the way they approach their flexibility training.

For better mobility + flexibility results you need a balanced blend of:

Awareness. Flexibility. Stability. 

Openness. Consistency.

When you 'embody' all five elements, you remove all the blocks that can limit your range of motion.

You're able to move with confidence, without fear of injury. Every step, and every breath you take becomes a more joyful experience. 

  • Awareness

    You need a foundation of physical awareness, to connect your mind+body to work together, so you can move better with more confidence. How do you amplify this connection? You dive deep to discover what drives your mind, and dive deeper by listening to your body each moment, and then allow the two to merge with a practice that moves you towards Physical Freedom.

  • Flexibility

    In addition to a deep mind-body connection ... You need to create a body that can safely bend and adapt to your environment in each moment, for the way you want to move. You need to stretch your current limits consistently, in a way that's relevant to dynamic movement, not just flopping into a static position.

  • Stability

    This is the foundation that supports a body that's free to move dynamically. Without stability, your flexibility becomes floppy and you have a lack of movement control, which can lead to injury and restriction. You need to build a strong body that’s balanced with flexibility, we show you how in the Embodied Flexibility Program.

  • Openness

    This is all about creating open blood circulation channels. If you're like most people, you've probably experienced an injury, stress, or gone through a period of not moving so much. All of these experiences and more can be stored as tension that builds up inside your body and block it's natural blood flow, limiting tissue health + flexibility progress. How do you create openness for blood to flow deep into your muscles, tendons + fascia? You become mindful of what's going on inside your body, and put your body in positions that allow it to open for long enough to clear the blockages - all by itself.

  • Consistency

    This is the simplest element of creating a body that's free to move dynamically, yet the most challenging to achieve. Hence why the vast majority of people fail to create distinct changes in their flexibility. You need to practice consistently, and humbly, long-term because your body needs time to learn and grow ... and quick fixes rarely work.

We've got all the tools, tips and tutorials you need to create, a balanced flexibility practice inside the Embodied Flexibility program.

Here is what you will learn in the Embodied Flexibility Program (one big jam-packed course of flexibility awesomeness):

Here is what you will learn in the Embodied Flexibility Program (one big jam-packed course of flexibility awesomeness):

Module 1 - Setting the Stage for Flexibility Success

  • Get and intro to the foundations of the Embodied Flexibility approach
  • How to set goals in a way that supercharges your motivation
  • The 11 biggest flexibility mistakes. Why people fail to improve their range of motion

Module 2 - Identify The Blocks to Your Flexibility

  • The 4 Foundations of a Supple + Strong Body: The moves we cover in this module will help you test how balanced your body is between strength and flexibility.
  • They'll give you a solid framework to quickly identify what you need to work on, and when you re-visit them over time ...  
  • They'll give you an honest gauge of your progress from the practices in the program.
Flexibility Foundation 1
Flexibility Foundation 1-2
Flexibility Foundation 1-4
Flexibility Foundation 1-3

Module 3 - Stabilise Your Joints

  • Stability-2Without stability you lose movement control.
  • In this module you'll discover a 14 movement sequence designed to stabilise all the major joints in your body.
  • You can look forward to having silky smooth hips and shoulders.



Module 4 - Deepen Your Range of Motion

  • Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.59.30 pmThe Big 7 Stretch Flow: In this module you'll learn the 7 most powerful stretches I've found from the world of Shaolin Kung Fu, and some I've uniquely developed.
  • These stretches will help to develop a strong + supple physical foundation (when you practice consistently).
  • You'll also get my unique approach to stretching and strengthening the body at the same time (Rhythmic Strength Stretching).
  • Progress in these strength-stretches and you'll perfect the 4 Flexibility Foundation movements, above.


Module 5 - Open Your Body to Improve Circulation

  • Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.08.14 pmRe-balance Your Body: This element is completely neglected in most flexibility training, but it's one of the most important parts I've found. 
  • In this module you'll learn a practice that helps to correct physical imbalances, and works wonders to help heal niggling injuries + back and joint pain.
  • Think of this as the restorative part of your practice, that brings Yin to balance the Yang.


Module 6 - Simplify the Process

  • EasyDownloads and Checklists to Simplify Everything: Many online courses can leave you more confused than empowered with the knowledge to transform yourself.
  • The Embodied Flexibility program is all about you getting the resources you need at the right time. 
  • We've created an experience like you have your very own coach right by your side as you travel through the program ...
  • You'll get a bunch of checklists and cheat sheets, to help you every step of the way.


Module 7 - Awesome Bonuses

Bonus # 1: The Ultimate Ankle Opener

  • This is one of the best ways I’ve found to free up one of the tightest areas most people face. The ankles!

Bonus # 2: The Supple Neck Routine

  • In this video I share with you a simple yet effective routine I developed during a period where I was doing too much work at the desk.
  • Learn how to effectively treat and free up a tight neck.
  • Florian Randacher
    I don't know where to start. First of all, Thank you very very much, since starting the program a lot of things changed in my life. I don't feel so stiff anymore (especially after wake up), my energy level is much higher, i'm more mobile, focused and so much more little things happened in this short period of time, that's so awesome!!!
    Florian Randacher
  • Sandie Callander
    Working with Benny and practicing the Embodied Flexibility Program has enabled me to be able to enjoy my Tai Chi more - better movement = better chi :-) My swimming has also improved considerably, as has my walking. More play every day is my new motto, even in my 60's.
    Sandie Callander
  • Ranjit Rao | Consultant Eurologist
    Benny's approach is driven by the science and art of movement + goes one step further, by incorporating the breath and spirit. The moves in the Embodied Flexibility Program improved my core strength and posture, and gave me the Physical Freedom that helped me finish my first marathon. Running is my play.
    Ranjit Rao | Consultant Eurologist

The Madness Behind the Method: Benny Fergusson

I didn't always have the supple and flexible body I live in today. 

 There was a time I was super tight, which led to my spine looking like this. 
[This is what my spine looked like]

Becoming free of daily pain and restriction showed me the importance of being flexible and able to move freely.

It also showed me that not many people knew how to help me go from physical restriction to the freedom I wanted to feel in my body. They just told me I was super tight and gave me a couple of stretches to 'fix' the problem.
Nothing really worked long-term.
I was soooo frustrated ... Everyday activities like walking, picking up objects, was harder that they needed to be.  So I set of on a journey to learn what it really takes to develop a strong and flexible body.
The real inspiration for my journey happened while watching old Kung fu movies.
shaolin-flexibility-trainingI wanted to move the way they moved.
The high kicks, the low stances, the freedom in every movement, that sense of being a grown adult who still knows how to play and move …
The way humans should.
I decided to take this getting flexible thing seriously.
So I tried every flexibility trick in the book. 

And I followed all the 'gurus,' but a few months later not much in my body had changed.

I felt discouraged and thought, maybe I'm just one of those people who aren't meant to be flexible.

But then I took a step back and realised the problem wasn’t my body …

It was the out of balance, main stream approaches I was trying to succeed with, in my flexibility quest.
In fact upon reflection, they were flat out wrong. They neglected they way the body and mind work together, and focused on just the external factors of flexibility.
Things became clearer when I dived deeper into how the body and the mind are designed to work.
I built the foundation for moves like this with the Embodied Flexibility approach. Kung-Fu movies here I come ;-)
Fast forward after a few challenging years of trial and error later, and I found a process that works in an integrated way, with the body and the mind, to create a strong, supple physical foundation.
I tested it on my friends, family and my students - with a range of backgrounds from martial arts, to Yoga, to business people.
They all began to move with more freedom, and became happier in the process. 
The results were too good not to share, so that's why I've put this online course together for you.
I’ve seen too many people try the mainstream approach to flexibility and get frustrated with no results and even severely injure themselves on their grand vision of achieving moves like the splits.
I don't want that for you ...

And here is how Embodied Flexibility will draw on my experience to help you deepen your range of motion and free your body:

  • A simple, effective process

    6 modules, each broken into detailed lessons, that cover every facet of connecting your mind+body, and creating a body that's free to move dynamically

  • It's like having your own personal coach beside you

    The modules include: downloadable video-based lessons, and action guides. You'll learn everything from how to develop head to toe stability, 4 moves to quickly test your progress, the 7 foundation stretches, and more ...

  • Action inspiring worksheets

    To speed your learning and progress through the course, we've also included a 7 day Quick Start Action Guide, + a 60 day challenge sheet to create powerful momentum in your practice

  • Free yourself from expensive gym memberships

    You can access the program any time, any where, on any device and you don't need any equipment. You'll be able to free yourself from gym memberships and save a bunch of cash

  • Access a supportive community

    A members-only discussion group where you get private access to Benny and can ask questions, get inspiration, and share experiences, with fellow course members on everyone’s favourite day: Feedback Friday

  • And that's just the start ...

Be the next success story:

  • Pam Hall | Business Consultant
    Benny Fergusson you've created something special! The Embodied Flexibility Program is not only for the human body but also for the mind and spirit. Working WITH all the integral elements in a simple daily practice, it's empowered me to achieve new freedom in my body ... beyond what I previously imagined as possible.
    Pam Hall | Business Consultant
  • Kara Spence
    After only about 4-6 weeks into my practice, I am finding much less knee pain and a higher ability to do the things I want to do daily without pain. I unloaded a bunch of boxes of books for a friend and I managed it well, or if I trip or jump around with my daughter, I can manage it so much better.
    Kara Spence

Frequently Asked Questions about Embodied Flexibility

Here's some of the common questions we get asked, and most importantly ... some helpful answers.

  • What if I'm super stiff?

    You may have some way to go, and progress will take some time. We can't change that, however putting in consistent effort into the program will be much more effective than doing nothing, or following an ad-hoc approach.

  • How long does the program take?

    The program is designed so it can be performed in 10-20 minute parts throughout your day, or can be done all at once, and generally takes about 30-60 minutes. We recommend to start small and to build up, and find the time you can consistently commit to.

  • Will I learn to do the splits?

    This is not the primary focus of Embodied Flexibility, however with the Shaolin inspired stances and stretches, you'll build a foundation that will allow you to safely prepare for more advanced movements like the splits, which we'll be covering in our next program - Elite Flexibility.

  • Does the program cater for hyper-mobile bodies?

    In short yes. Your journey is all about improving control and stability. To help you do this each of the moves are broken down into very small pieces, so you can focus on working within your current abilities and improve step-by-step.

  • Will the program help me with sports?

    If you need to be resilient to injury, stronger and more flexible, to move with greater ease and power, Embodied Flexibility will help you do that and a whole lot more.

  • How long will it take to notice results?

    Most people that practice the Embodied Flexibility approach discover new things about their body very quickly. After you're first 2-3 weeks you'll notice visible improvements, and if you practice consistently in the 60 day challenge, you'll notice big shifts on the inside and outside of your body.

Here's what I need from you, so that I know you are a good fit for this course:


Yes answers to three simple questions ...




Do you have a desire to experience more ease + freedom in your body for activities that are important to you?



Are you ready to drop any excuses and commit to exploring what your body is capable of?



Are you ready to move beyond mainstream flexibility practices, and explore a new approach?

Did you answer yes to all three? Then you're ready to join the Embodied Flexibility program.

Take a bold step towards an better version of yourself.

You get everything listed above, forever, for a one-time payment of only $195. This includes lots of Yes':

Yes you get: Every current and future lesson, which will keep growing

Yes you get: Every BONUS feature we ever add to the course

Yes you get: Every private webinar and Q&A we ever do for the course

Yes you get: Access to the private Movement Monk community

Yes you get: Access to the Movement Monk support team to help you any time you have a question

And you get 30 days to try it out.

  • If you put in the practice, you will get results.
  • With hundreds of successful students, we’re extremely confident in this program.
  • Take 30 days to really give Embodied Flexibility a go and see for yourself.
  • If you aren’t happy with your progress, send us your completed worksheets (showing your practice), and we’ll give you a full refund.

So there is no risk … just plenty of positive pushes in the direction of the practice that will take your mental+physical strength and flexibility to the next level.

And one last bit of important advice: you don’t want to wait to act.

We're constantly updating and improving the program, so soon the extremely affordable price will be increasing.

By joining now, you pay one price, one time — $195 — to lock in lifetime access to all ongoing educational materials, plus the remarkable Movement Monk community for as long as the program is alive.