• How to Get Back to the Essence of Yoga

    Learn why Yoga poses are not the most important thing in Yoga, especially if you're looking to find more unity in yourself and feel at ease in your body.

  • Learn About One of the Most Ancient Yoga Forms

    This practice is so simple, but has the power to transform your body and mind deeply ... Yet you rarely see it practiced in modern Yoga.

  • Get Ongoing Resources and Insights

    In addition to the next 2 videos in this Yoga series, you'll also get free access to the My Movement Monk resource library, and so much more ...

Feel Deeper Ease in Your Yoga Practice

  • Anthony Cerafice | Movement Coach
    I feel these vids help throw up the red flag that there is in fact a better way.
    Anthony Cerafice | Movement Coach
  • Tahnee Mcrossin | Yoga Teacher
    Benny literally transforms people's bodies, especially those with chronic pain and stress patterns. I've learned a lot from him as a yoga teacher and massage therapist too; his work is amazing for practitioners and teachers.
    Tahnee Mcrossin | Yoga Teacher

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