If you've followed traditional physical rehab approaches, and realised they don't work to deliver lasting tension and pain release ... This course is for you.

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  • Florian Randacher
    In my opinion the whole material of this online course (I don't know something similar) is a must have for every woman / man around the world, who wants to get rid of tension / pain and put their quality of life to a higher level. [Florian Randacher | Austria]
    Florian Randacher

Got muscular tension and stiffness that's holding your body back? Get this ...

The Tension Release Technique is an 8-week online training program that uses breathing exercises, standing meditation and internal strength training techniques, to release limiting physical tension and re-connect your body. So you can experience full body power during any activity.

There’s so much we’d love to tell you about it, but this video will teach you the basics:

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  • Heal yourself from injuries, joint pain and muscle tension - long-term.

  • Enhance physical performance, posture and movement efficiency for any activity.

  • Remove the blockages that restrict your body from moving as one unified structure.

... Without the need for equipment, gym memberships and manual physical therapy.

We designed this program to allow you build a deep mind-body connection, for both beginners and anyone transitioning from more traditional physical exercise.

Build Deep Body-Mind Connection for More Fluid Movement in Any Activity >

New enrolments for the next student intake in the Tension Release Technique; online training program are closing very soon ... Don't miss out.

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Learn how TRT is improving the posture of this busy sign writer.

  • Steven Rebesco
    Had an awesome body connection day yesterday Benny :) So soft today ... it can happen really quick!!! I was doing our work all day .... Then decided to go do yoga. It is amazeballs ... I was able to melt into the posses. [Steven Rebesco | Sign Writer]
    Steven Rebesco

Re-balance Your Body by Returning to the Essentials

The Tension Release Technique helps you cut away the distractions when it comes to developing a fluid-moving body.

silenceThe program is built to improve the essentials of human movement.

So you can enhance the things you need your body to do every day; like breathing, standing, moving your joints in intricate ways and walking.

Most programs only skim over, or completely ignore these essential elements to physical development. 

And in doing this, they put a serious cap on you reaching what your body is truly capable of.

Exercises might look fancy on the outside, but if you practice without a foundation of physical essentials you end up neglecting what matters most ...

The physical functions operating deep inside your body. 

We developed the Tension Release Technique around essential practices and principles of physical development so you can deeply strengthen your body in a way that it adapts easily to any situation you can imagine. 

The 4 Essential Practices to a Tension Free Body

Within these practices we've distilled the most powerful and essential elements from internal physical arts like Tai Chi, Qigong and Nei Gong, etc. And we've simplified and adapted them to be more applicable to improve essential movements you do each and every day.

  • Practice #1: Release Breathing

    Breathing is your life force. Sadly, due to excessive tension, trauma (physically / mentally / emotionally) most adults lose the ability to breathe correctly and naturally. With the TRT breathing practices you'll learn how to get back to your natural state of deep, whole body breathing so you can massage your organs and oxygenate your whole body better.

  • Practice #2: Release Standing

    Standing Meditation is a powerful practice that's featured in internal martial arts for thousands of years. Because it's one of the most effective ways to release deeply stored tension that's often being created habitually and unconsciously. When you learn how to perform the Standing Meditation in the program; you'll develop highly attuned internal senses to, release tension effectively in your daily life.

  • Practice #3: Joint Connection

    In the Joint Connection practices you'll improve the strength, flexibility, and function of the major areas of movement in your body. The Joint Connection practices in TRT teach you to connect the major joints of your body to move together. When you connect your feet - hips - spine - shoulders - hands to move as one you experience true full body power and will gain a leading advantage in any activity you use your body for.

  • Practice #4: Release Walking

    Walking is one of the most fundamental, yet complex human movement patterns. It can take a life time to master. During a life time we take countless steps, and depending on the way your body is aligned each step - Walking can make, or break your body. In the walking practice featured in phase 1 of TRT you'll dramatically improve this fundamental skill.

Jade released limiting physical tension to be better at activities she loves - like surfing.

  • Jade De Valle
    Woah this morning felt amazing! I just wanted to share with you that I got a massage yesterday from my cousin who's been massaging me for years and he said that, he used to have to go over and over places where knots and tension were and sometimes they still wouldn't release, but after continuing with the meditative exercises you taught me, my body was able to let go almost straight away. Amazing to see such positive affects it's having on me, thank you! [Jade De Valle | Adventure Personal Training]
    Jade De Valle

Integrate Your Practice Seamlessly into Your Life

We understand life these days can be busy, so we don't expect you to build your tension release practice in a day.

From our experiences: if you try cram a physical transformation into 30 days like many programs get you to do, you end up getting burnt out fast.

It's thinking like that that stops most people from truly experiencing their physical potential.

We like to keep things simple, so you'll begin with the essentials and add practice layers each week, with our clearly organised online course format.

At the end of your 8 week journey you'll have a scalable physical practice that you've gradually integrated into your life at the pace you're ready for.

This allows you to experience the benefits of TRT long-term, without burnout or information overload.

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Re-connect with your animal instincts by releasing deeply stored physical tension

  • If you're frustrated with confusion and false promises about what it takes to move free of pain

  • And you're ready to release muscular tension tension that may have been limiting your body for years

  • Get a simple practice that works

  • All you need to do is enrol in the Tension Release Technique program today.

When you enrol you’ll get instant access to 3+ hours of easy to follow of video and audio guidance, plus clear worksheets and checklists to guide you step-by-step toward releasing muscular tension and unifying your body to move with fluidity. Phase 1 of the Tension Release Technique costs $195 and builds physical qualities that enhance every physical activity you can imagine.

New enrolments for the next student intake in the Tension Release Technique; online training program are closing very soon ... Don't miss out.

Start your Tension Release Technique Journey Today and Move Without the Restrictions >


When you enrol you'll get your login details so you can immediately access the members only online course portal. Every 7 days for 8-weeks we'll send you further info to guide you through the course smoothly.

Phase 1 of the Tension Release Technique is scheduled for eight weeks of progressive learning, but as part of your membership you get lifetime access to all the materials, so even if you can’t start straight away, or if you need to take things slow. You can start when you want and take things at your own pace. With your membership you get lifetime updates.


How a circus performer discovered the power of enhancing his internal body maps, to create more physical freedom.

  • Andy Trudgian
    I've been really happy with my progress! I have much greater freedom in my body. I'm loving the qi gong / standing meditation exercises. In the beginning I didn't put as much focus on that part of the practice. I did it and knew it was good for me however I was more interested in the tangible and measurable improvements I could get from the flexibility exercises. Now I'm starting to notice a lot of subtle things going on during all of my practice but particularly during the standing meditation. Loving it! Thanks for the great teachings. [Andy Trudgian | iAdapt Personal Training]
    Andy Trudgian

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