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  • How to unify your body+mind with Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)

    You'll get a simple worksheet that will introduce you into how to begin this powerful practice.

  • Get a Strong, Supple Spine with these 7 Practices

    After suffering a debilitating spinal injury I learned a thing or two about releasing back pain. I've got a 9 page guide waiting for you in the members area. In the guide I share with you the 7 most powerful practices I've found to help you live back pain free.

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  • I feel the throes of change within me!!! But seriously since practicing the Movement Monk teachings, I can feel the hemispheres of my body and mind coming into a connected balance. Right and left sides. Hands and feet. Body and mind. It's all coming together. Thank you!


    Alex Powerlett // Martial Artist


Have you ever felt physically or mentally limited in some way, and wanted to do more with your body?


Benny_Fergusson_Shaolin_StancesIf only you could look into a professional fitness and wellness coach's mind and get the best out of his/her experience, philosophies, and essential tips. Wouldn’t that be great?


That’s exactly what the free Movement Monk membership is all about. It’s a guide to get a strong, flexible and balanced body, no matter whether you're a seasoned athlete or just getting back into shape.

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