Can you actually become flexible fast, without injuring yourself? The answer is yes, but you need to do it differently to the way most people approach flexibility training. Hot tip: it's not just about 'stretching.'

A clever approach to Flexibility Training is one of the foundations to create a body that moves with flow + freedom. It's particularly relevant for martial artists, rock climbers, Cross-Fitters, Yogi’s, and pretty much any one who wants to live with greater ease.  

Being more flexible makes life easier; whether it's touching your toes, doing the splits or moving better for the things you love.  But sadly it's often done wrong. If you don’t understand how it works you may get stuck in a plateau leaving your potential on the table, or worse… become injured.

The value of flexibility goes well beyond the physical.  At a deeper level it’s equally about your mind.  Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment you couldn’t move at all.

Would learning how to become more flexible still be valuable?



Learn a powerful approach to creating a strong and mobile body, that was taught to me by a Shaolin Monk.

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Get a Supple Body, Move Like a Shaolin Monk

Shaolin Monks are renowned as some of the most flexible people in the world. To have a supple body like them, you don't necessarily need to live in a monastery, but you will need to invest time and energy in practicing the craft.

To speed up the process to get rid of tightness from head-to-toe, you'll want to consider investing in a quality flexibility course, that will provide the intensive training you'll need to enjoy more physical freedom in your life. 

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About the Author: Benny Fergusson is founder of Movement Monk.